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Risk assessment and fraud detection – we unlock your information!

Banks, insurances and financial service providers have sophisticated methods to assess the risks of their business operations and to detect fraudulent activities via screenings at an early stage. However, the software used for this misses important details as it only takes into account one category of information available in enterprises – viz. structured data.

Beside the information contained in structured data already available for risk assessment and fraud detection there is a vast treasure of knowledge not yet used which is hidden in un- and semi-structured text data such as contract texts, business reports, letters of credit, business plans, commentary and other free text fields, etc.

Our text analytic tool analyses this text data and unlocks the information hidden in them.

Advantages of our solution in short

  • You get all decision-relevant information and a comprehensive overview for your risk assessment and fraud detection.
  • You minimize the effort for the additional manual information acquisition.
  • You increase the quality of your information significantly compared to a manual information acquisition.
  • You get solutions proved and tested in renowned companies.
  • You improve the efficiency of your fraud detection and risk assessment team.
  • You get assistance for your decision making based on a visualisation of complex contexts.