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Companies have to cope with a huge flood of incoming mail, email and invoices today. Manual sorting and integration into the right business workflow is time consuming and cost intensive. The automation of these processes with the help of text engines is a possibility to reduce costs.

Glanos offers you a range of solutions to speed up and improve your invoice, as well as your mail and email management.

Intelligent Invoice Management with Text Analytics

For the automation of invoice management, many different aspects have to be taken into consideration. We make sure that our semantic text analytics solution pays attention to all the factors that are necessary to process your invoices automatically to render manual post-processing practically unnecessary. To obtain all relevant information for comparison, we combine our text analytics software with a sophisticated rule set.

Mail and Email Management with the Glanos MailQualifier

The Glanos MailQualifier recognizes complicated logical and textual contexts and reduces manual post-processing. Through effective quality management, we improve the rules for analysing your mail and email continually and keep optimizing the management process.