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Customized Marketing

Incomplete, outdated and faulty customer data leads to a high-level of unecessary coverage in your marketing efforts. To avoid this, we correct and enhance your customer data with additional information that is relevant to a truly customized marketing approach. Additionally, we generate new leads for you by finding tailor-made potential customers and providing you with all of the important data for an individual customer approach.



You can get a lot of valuable information about the job market by analysing job advertisements. But an analysis is indispensable when trying to find a match between a job ad and an applicant. This task gets more and more complicated as the amount of job ads on the Internet is growing quickly and constantly, and the wording of job titles and descriptions is very diverse. Glanos has just the right solution to this problem for you.


Business Radar 360°

The market environment gets increasingly complex and inscrutable in the era of globalisation. This makes it more and more important to be informed of changes regarding new technologies, competitors, as well as the business environment and the legal framework in time. This is necessary for an effective surveillance of the competition and reputation management strategy to respond rapidly to new challenges. Glanos offers solutions that correctly extract and interpret all relevant information on these issues from the Internet and make them easily accessible via a feed or a dashboard.


Data Harmonisation

The issue of data harmonisation and quality gains in importance in the face of the constantly growing data volume because only data that meets our demands in terms of quality can be used as a sound basis for analytics, decisions and the optimisation of processes. Glanos provides you with tools to transform your existing data pool into high quality master data by analysing the data and metadata textually.


Input Management

Companies have to cope with a huge flood of incoming mails, emails and invoices today. Manual sorting and integration into the business workflow is time consuming and cost intensive. The automation of these processes with the help of text engines is a possibility to reduce costs. Glanos offers you a range of solutions to speed up and improve your invoice as well as your mail and email management.


Fraud Detection

Attempted fraud causes significant damage to the economy every year. Glanos has developed a sophisticated software for fraud detection that combines a high-performance Deep Web Crawler with a complex semantic text analytics system. This system understands complicated logical and textual contexts, and thus, is also able to protect you from a breach of compliance rules.