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CRM: Lead Generation and Enhancement

Generating new leads is one of the most critical aspects when acquiring new customers in B2B business. In the highly competitive environment of today the quality of customer data collected is as or even more important than its quantity. Only high grade, qualified customer data let you reach the correct target group and contact person and thus gives you a competitive advantage.

Information on web sites is often unstructured and hidden in documents such as job advertisements or management reports in the Deep Web. The Glanos web mining and information extraction tools extract unstructured data and penetrate the Deep Web if necessary.

This is also valid for CRM data. We guarantee you complete and correct data sets by collecting information from all sources relevant to your company, e.g. our Glanos company database, social networks, company web sites and specialist publications.

Use our expertise and get specific, correct and complete leads and CRM data, upon request you will get a weekly or monthly update of all relevant information:

  • Aggregation of information on companies from various sources (Deep Web, press releases, job advertisements, optionally Social Media)
  • Extraction of contact persons as well as their job function and hierarchy level
  • Assignment of companies to industry sectors, needed services
  • Cleansing of existing customer data via validation and correction as well as duplicate checks and deletion

Leadanreicherung mit Glanos KI