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Content Tagging

Every year in Germany alone countless books, videos and blog posts are published. To find the correct and relevant content presents a big challenge for content suppliers from content platforms to the book trade. Content Tagging in combination with reasonable metadata are a solution to this problem for all distribution channels.

Most of the text analytics tool are not able to analyse and understand texts in depth so that they offer a solely keyword based tagging. We combine statistical and mathematical methods based on AI with linguistic methods to classify documents granuarly and assign them to certain contents and subjects – to guarantee a free search beyond previously defined keywords.

Advantages of our solution at a glance:

  • Increase your turnover with a better content tagging in connection with sales via content platforms.
  • Boost your sales by recommending of similar books/contents.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction by making better recommendations and finding content quicker.
  • Get a better overview over your product range.
  • Keep your installation costs low by using uncomplicated connection via API to your own systems.