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Our name Glanos reflects the vision to develop and provide our customers with clear and transparent solutions such that they can profit from the masses of data available today. We don’t sell a blackbox, you will always know how our solutions work.

As data experts we show you which information you can get from your data and which additional potential is hidden in them. We reveal possible additional values which pushes you one step ahead of your competition. Your information are enriched and improved for your business objectives by our Data Enhancement methods. Our efficient Data Management guarantees an easy access to and transparency over your data.

We check your data handling processes for optimisation opportunities to save cost and money by avoiding unnecessary manual handling and redundant processing steps.

Basis for our solutions and services are our state of the art technologies from the fields of statistics, NLP, cognitive computing, computational linguistics and computer sciences. We offer a variety of solutions in the areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Insurance, Finance and Automobile, amongst other.

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